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Events and People

To truly learn about our company and the personalities that make it work, give us a call or come on by; we'd love to hang out and discuss your off-road needs.

The SoCal/Desert-Raid Crew
Scott Saddlemire:  Scott has been going to the desert his entire life, be it for dirt-bike riding, hiking, or jeepin'; Scotty's off-road knowledge lies in the Rock-crawlin' and recreational jeep areas which we hope to get involved in later. He has been Jeepin' for 20 years and has built and helped build numerous recreational jeeps. He knows what it takes to build tough, reliable vehicles that will stand up to the rigors of driving off-road. Scotty recently became interested in the Sand Car craze, but he enjoys the challenges of driver skill and durability that desert driving requires; hence the birth of the production side of SCS- Desert-Raid Motorsports.
Ryan Payne: Ryan thinks he's an important part of what goes on around here, but mostly he just lays around and listens to heavy metal, so if you call us up, he'll be happy to spend as much time as it takes to help you out. Ryan has been in the desert his whole life, from dirt-bikes to jeeps to quads to walking (yes, he enjoys walking through the desert). Ryan has been all over the world on different terrain, and has countless miles of drive time in the middle eastern deserts, so he knows what to do to make a vehicle tough. He's another big weekender when he's not fabricating, so you'll see him at any number of desert locations on any number of different means of rapid desert transportation (fast off-road vehicles).
Jason Engols: Jason is an apprentice fabricator. Look for him out on trips with Ryan.


Vacations and trips: We are in the desert all the time, and we want you to feel free to come out and camp with us ar just bring your car and we can help you with anything you need. We don't mind workin' while we're on vacation because we love what we do. Also, don't forget that Ryan is always excited about giving people test rides, just make sure to bring diapers.
Feel free to call for exact locations and scedules!
Desert-Raid Pre-Combat Training and 1st Raid @ Glamis
-October 4,5,6,7: Glamis in the washes, come party with Ryan and the guys and test drive a two seat Desert Slayer.
Desert-Raid #2  Objective: Dumont Dunes
-October 26,27,28: Dumont in the second valley, Bring the kids and quads and buggies if you have one. If not, one ride and you may be on your way!
Desert-Raid #3 Objective: TBD
-November 10,11: No destination determined yet, but El Mirage, Calico, or Johnson Valley are options. Where do you want to go? Quick overnighter.
Desert-Raid #4  Objective: Buttercup or Dumont
-November 21-25: 4 day Raid, destination could change

We always want you to feel welcome at our shop or out camping, so don't be shy! Call us for info, or about planning a desert trip, and remember: we will meet you at a desert location of your choice so you can have the opportunity to drive one of our cars.

Our Employees:
SoCal Sandcars has a knowledgeable staff commited to providing a standard of service hard to duplicate with the competition. If you have a question that we can't answer or need a part that we can't fabricate or don't carry ourselves, we WILL find one for you. We only recommend products and companies that we know to be the best. Give us a call and let us show you how much we care about your satisfaction with our products and services.



SoCal-Sandcars 909 821-1681 or  909 383-0499 Fax